Superbonus 110% and credit transfer

The so called “Superbonus” is a tax relief introduced by the decree-law of 19 May 2020, n. 34 (“Decreto Rilancio”) which grants a tax credit equal to 110% of the expenses incurred for specific anti-seismic and efficient renovation works to be carried out on residential buildings with independent access) or entire condos.

At Heron, in collaboration with one of our partners, we provide your company (ESCO, general contractor, freelancer) with an IT platform for the management of the whole bureaucratic process preparatory to the accrual of the tax credit and / or its relative assignment to third parties.

Services offered to your company:

IT platform for the management of the tax credit on building renovation works;

Support in the assignment of your tax credit to a third party (eg: bank, contractors ecc);

Support for pre-financing.