PV self-consumption systems

Today, building a photovoltaic system to meet part of your company’s electricity needs can represent, also thanks to tax benefits, an investment with attractive returns and with a strong social impact.

The legislation on “Sistemi Efficienti di Utenza (SEU)” (lit. Efficient User Systems) makes it possible to benefit from exemptions on part of the electricity bills charges.

We at Heron are able to support you in each step of the decision-making and operating process, providing the following services:

Preliminary feasibility study and cost-effectiveness analysis;

Analysis of daily and seasonal consumption curves;

Determination of the maximum capacity that can be installed on the roof surface;

Estimation of costs, revenues, payback period;

Check if the project can benefit from available tax breaks;

Project management for i) the selection of suitable contractors and ii) for the construction execution of the pv plant.